Hot Tub Maintenance

Maintenance that Keeps your Hot Tub Comfy and Sparkling Clean

Every Hot Tub owner knows the anticipation of thinking about that moment when you will slip in to the warm, sparkling water and feel the jets swirling away the cares of another day.  You drive home and rush to change into your swimming suit, and slip out into the back yard, only to find those powerful jets are barely seeping water, and little green algae has begun to float in to water that was supposed to be for you, and you alone.  But not to worry.  With just a little effort, you can be enjoying the water that was destined to wash your cares away.  And with a little preventative maintenance, you can make sure the swirling Home Spa is always ready when you need it the most.

Hot Tub Maintenance

Hot Tub Maintenance does not have to take a lot of time.  Your best bet is to perform maintenance on a regular schedule, so that you can prevent anything that will slow you down when you want the Hot Tub ready for you. 

Maintenance Schedule 

Each Use:  (about 5 minutes)  It makes sense to test the water each time you use it, and tweak the chemistry a bit if it is needed.  Checking the sanitizer level, the water pH, and treating the water for any foam you see  only takes a minute or two, and can really add to the enjoyment of your daily indulgence. 

Weekly:  (about 15 minutes)  You can avoid a lot of problems down the road by using oxidizing shock and by cleaning the filter each week.  Most Hot Tub manufacturers recommend having two filters, so that the filter you have just cleaned has a chance to dry before it is used again.  This adds to the life of the filter, and saves you a lot of money in the long run.  It also makes sure that any bacteria or other organisms that have attached themselves to the filter will die before they can get back into the water.  To clean the filter, spray it with a garden hose at a forty-five degree angle until it looks clean.  Then set it somewhere to dry.

Monthly:  The largest single expense that most Hot Tub owners will make on a regular basis, after Home Spa installation, is replacement of the cover.  This expense can often be avoided with regular cover care and cleaning.  Every month or so, clean the Hot Tub with a weak chlorine solution (3-5 mg per quart).  Avoid using products designed for car dashboards.  While these help with protect the covers from the sun’s rays, they tend to dry out the outside of the covers, making them crack and flake.

Quarterly:  (about 90 minutes)  With the change in seasons it is a good idea to change your Hot Tub water.  Most of the time related to this is waiting for the water to refill, and depends a lot on what kind of water pressure you have.  Once you have refilled the Hot Tub, you will need to do a full chemical treatment.  This should include any specialty chemistry needed for your area, like calcium for hard water, or chemicals that remove Iron or Copper. 

Refill time is a great time to do a deeper cleaning of the filters, and to check and see if they need to be replaced.  For the deep clean, soak the filters overnight in a good filter cleaner. 

Hot Tub Cleaning

If you have had trouble with scum or foam, or if your Hot Tub has developed stains from Iron or Copper in the water, you will want to clean the hot tub’s acrylic surface when you empty the Home Spa for its quarterly refill.  Use a cleaner made for Hot Tubs to avoid damaging the Home Spa or creating unwanted leaks.

Two Last Notes

This page summarizes overall maintenance for Hot Tubs.  If you want to learn more about basic chemicals, including Sanitizers, Shock, and pH Balance, Click Here

Specialty chemicals will help you with Calcium, Copper, Iron, Scum, and Foam in your Hot Tub water.  To learn more about specialty chemicals for your Home Spa, Click Here.