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  for Clean, Clear, Healthy Water 

There is nothing like sitting in a hot tub, feeling the rush of clean, warm water sooth away the aches and pains of the day.  What a disappointment to find the water smelly, or green, or to have those floating filmy bubbles that stick to your skin.  But don’t worry!  Understanding the three main Hot Tub Chemicals will go a long way in putting the AHHH back in your SPA! 

Three Main Chemicals for Hot Tubs 

Sanitizing – for Healthy Water:  Sanitizing Chemicals keep your Hot Tub water free of bacteria.  You can’t see bacteria in the water, but bacterial film loves hot water.  No worries.  You have many options to make sure these guys don’t spoil your fun.  Chlorine, Bromine, and Biguanide all eliminate harmful bacteria.  You can reduce the amount of sanitizer needed by using Ozone (using an Ozonater) or through Mineral Spa Care (which usually is a cartridge inside your filter or in a floating dispenser).  Test equipment helps you decide how much you need to use.


Diamond Sani-Spa Chlorine Sanitizer      Diamond Brom-Tabs Bromide Sanitizer


Shock - Getting Rid of Organics:  Algae can make your Home Spa water turn green, but it is not the only reason to use a Shock Oxidizer in your Hot Tub.  Oxidizers also help eliminate other organic material, like dead skin, skin oil, cosmetics, and lotions. Finally, by forcing oxygen into the water, Shock Oxidizers starve bacteria, prevent cloudy water, and can reduce or eliminate maintenance issues like clogged pipes or clogged filters. 

Your choice of Shock needs to be in line with the sanitizer you have chosen for your Home Spa.  If you are using Chlorine or Bromine, you should use a Chlorine Shock when you first fill the Hot Tub.  After that, a non-chlorine Shock will work great. 

Diamond Spa Shock Chlorine Shock

pH Balance: Good for your Hot Tub, Good for your Skin:  pH is the measure of hydrogen ions in the water.  This is important, because both high pH (alkaline) and low pH (acidic) can be a problem for the equipment.   

The best pH range for a hot tub is just above neutral, from about 7.2 to 7.8.  Keeping the water on the alkaline side of neutral is important, because even a little acidity can cause skin irritation.  Acidity also shortens the life of your home Spa, because it corrodes parts, particularly metal pieces in pumps, pipes, and nozzles.  Water that is too alkaline can create other problems, like scaling from minerals and metals in the water.  These deposits create satins on the hot tub’s acrylic surface, and can cause accelerated wear in pumps and jets.

Diamond PH UP pH Booster      Diamond PH DOWN pH Reducer

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Sanitizers, Shock and ph Balance are the basic chemical needs for your Hot Tub.  But you may have other water treatment requirements based on where you live and how you use your Home Spa.  Maintenance also plays a role in keeping the water fresh and nice.